Things to Consider When Choosing a Floor

September 17, 2018 Tagged: Flooring Basics

Things to Consider When Choosing a Floor

Here are some important details to consider before choosing a flooring material.

Location – You should also think about where in your space your floors will be installed. On grade (ground level), above grade (above ground level) and below grade (basements and below ground level), will affect your floor choice.

Moisture – Whether your flooring is being installed in a basement, bathroom, or other high moisture area makes a difference. Our flooring specialists can assist in selecting the perfect flooring for the level of moisture in your space

Style – Look at the furniture and decor that already exists in your space. What are you attracted to? Think about colors, patterns, and textures you like. Perhaps you enjoy the rich, uniqueness of hardwood, or the sleek look of tile.

Lifestyle – Think about what your room is like. For instance, if you are a cook that enjoys spending lots of time cooking, then tile might not be your best option. Perhaps you have pets or children that create high traffic areas that need to be cleaned more often. In that case, an easier to maintain floor might be desirable.

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