Porcelain Tile & Ceramic Tile: What is the difference?

October 10, 2018 Tagged: Flooring Basics

Porcelain Tile vs Ceramic Tile

Most of us already have a general idea about what type of flooring we want, or don’t want in certain spaces. We have a preference for wood over tile. We know that we want tile not carpet in the bathroom.

But what’s next? It can be difficult to determine what tile would be best, especially when we don’t know the difference between the different types. We’re here to help.


Water Resistance:

Porcelain is very dense which makes it very hard for liquid to permeate through it. This resistance can be improved even further through the use of melted glass glaze.

Hard to Stain:

Because of the density of porcelain, in addition to being impervious to water, it is also very hard to stain. Liquids and other staining agents cannot penetrate through the tile


Porcelain is one of the toughest materials on the market.  


If properly installed, they will not get worn down, even in high traffic areas!


Water Resistance:

Glazed ceramic creates a resistance surface that is imperious to stains and water. This ceramic can also withstand high amounts of humidity, which can make this type of tile ideal for bathrooms or kitchens

Perfect for those with allergies:

Ceramic tiles are best known for its solid, hard surface. Because of that, ceramic is resistant against pollen, dust, and other allergens. If these particles land on a ceramic floor, they don’t penetrate the surface, and can be easily cleaned off

Design options:

There are so many ways to use and be creative with ceramic tiles. You can print the tiles in different shades, shapes, and designs, which can provide endless combinations for design.

Ease of maintenance:

 Once sealed, clean up on ceramic is a breeze. Spills of liquid, dirt, and other stains can be easily swept or wiped away.

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