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Chesapeake Mosaics

The Chesapeake Mosaics Collection is a compilation of anything and everything you could want from glazed porcelain mosaics. These come in a range of singular colors, color combinations, and patterns to fit any style. Penny Rounds, Lanterns, and Hexagons only begin the list of looks you can find within this collection.


  • Substantial mix of color, shade, and patterns
  • Easy clean up of spills or accidents
  • Perfect for moderate to heavy residential traffic 

Available Colors

1x1 Hexagon Matte Black

1x1 Hexagon Matte White

1x1 Hexagon Matte White w/ Black

2x2 Hexagon Matte Black

2x2 Hexagon Matte White

Penny Rounds Glossy Black

Penny Rounds Glossy Blue

Penny Rounds Glossy Grey

Penny Rounds Glossy White

Penny Rounds Matte Grey

Penny Rounds Matte White

Pin Wheel White 1x2 w/Black 1x1 Dot White/ Black

2x4 Brick Bright Snow White

Basket Weave White/ Grey

Basket Weave White/ Black

Diamond Herringbone White

Lantern White

Octagon & Dot White/ Black

Octagon & Dot Matte Snow White

Penny Rounds Bright Pearl

Penny Rounds Bright Cream

Penny Rounds Bright Mint

Penny Rounds Bright Sand

Penny Rounds Bright Sky Blue

Herringbone Antique White

Herringbone White



Color Variation: V2


Sizes/Shapes: 1" x 1" Hex, 2" x 2" Hex, Penny Rounds, Pin Wheel, 2" x 2" Brick, Basket Weave, Herringbone, Lantern, and Octagon

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